Longwall Effects  

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I checked why the cattle were all up to the fence looking for me. They were out of water at the cattle water fountain. The two, 2000 gallon tanks were empty. I called ODNR-DMR to complain to see if they could get the coal company to comply with the law to provide water for the cattle. I have water at the house yet but I do not use nearly as much as these big heifers. This was the third time I have had to complain of no water for cattle since the coal company has been providing it when my water sources all dried up after mining. Of course I also called the coal company to complain and Mr. Luke apologized and said he would have the water supply taken care of soon as possible. It was done in several hours so the cattle were not in any danger.

Floyd Simpson


THE CATTLE WERE OUT OF WATER AGAIN THIS MORNING! This time the tanks were filled but the water froze solid with the overnight temperature of 14 degrees. The coal company needs to get electricity across the highway to run the line heaters. This was promised to me a year and a half ago.

Floyd Simpson


I had broken through the ice yesterday for the cattle to get water and had to do it again today. Needless to say I am outraged about this!!!! Erb Electric Co. sent a man out to look at the situation due to a call from Mr. Luke. He said he could not do anything until the utility company came out and set a pole and got a hot wire across the road.

Nothing has happened with ODOT giving the coal company permission to bore under the road to put in an underground wire. I would be complicated as the Belmont County Water line runs along the road right a way as well as the ATT phone trunk line.

This is a state highway and permission gets complicated to get this type of permit. I understand this but it was known two and a half years ago that this was going to be needed.

Floyd Simpson


I had to break the ice again at the cattle water fountain. The plastic cattle fountain was frozen so deep the cattle were out of water due to ice. I had a little water left from the rain water in my old stock tank which never used to freeze up because ground water at almost 50 degrees and at a rate of 20 gallons a minute never let the stock tank freeze before mining. But, I broke about 6 inches of ice on it and got water for the cattle.

I also called David Bartsch about getting the artifacts. He still has not received anything on them, either the archaeologists analysis report or the artifacts themselves.

Floyd Simpson


This afternoon the cattle were OUT OF WATER AGAIN!!!!! Again I called OVCC, Deans Water and ODNR-DMR

Floyd Simpson


Water finally got delivered for the cattle last night. It had been bitter cold out and had been for a week. The water for the cattle had frozen and Mellots Plumbing’s men came by and broke the ice for me this time. I got a call from Mr. Pulay of ODNR-DMR about the violation by OVCC in not providing water for livestock. I did not file a written complaint but DMR must have cited them

Floyd Simpson


For the first time this month I did not have to worry about the water for the cattle freezing because the weather warmed up above freezing. Still nothing has been done to permanently correct the problem. I called Mr. Bartsch again but got his recording, I left a message to say the artifacts issue has reached a critical stage. I needed them to give as a donation to Ohio Historical Society which would allow me to claim a tax deduction for this years taxes.

Floyd Simpson


Water in the cattle stock tank was frozen so deep the cattle could not break the ice this morning. I called OVCC and got a recording, called ODNR – DMR and got a recording. I left frantic messages for both. I then called the coal company’s plumber and they sent out a crew to break the ice. It was in the single digits last night and not much warmer all day. The guys from the plumbers got it going for the cattle to get a drink. When I got back over to the pasture to feed hay I noticed that water was available. Erb Electric‘s man called to get the pole number of our electric service provider (AEP) so they could get the system in place to run wires over the highway and get a pole set near the cattle water tanks. Erb can get the wiring done when this is accomplished. Ohio Valley Coal Company was informed by me over a year and a half ago that this would be needed and they put it on the back burner until we are getting freezing weather and cattle have no water.

Floyd Simpson

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