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Belmont County Farm Bureau

Belmont County Farm Bureau has initiated a new website effective January 25th, 2008. Floyd Simpson has been a member of this organization for over 40 years and is currently serving as Policy Development Chair. Simpson had served on the county board of trustees for 6 years and has held such offices as: President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Also active with Ohio Farm Bureau Federation affairs he has served on the state Policy Development Committee and County Delegate at the Annual Ohio Farm Bureau Federation meetings. Currently he is serving on the OFBF State Natural Resources Advisory Team. Simpson has been instrumental in moving the county office into a new building in 2007, getting wide news coverage of an ATV safety demonstration with a Med Life Flight “rescue” of a mock ATV accident victim and now with a website to keep members current with Belmont County affairs.

Belmont County Extension Service

Steve Schumacher is the agent we work with. He has been involved with our farm on a number of projects such as the original Drovers Trail Scenic Byway committee, the Belmont County Rubberneck Tour and Farm Bureau ATV safety. Steve has been a wonderful source of information for our farming practices as well.

Dickinson Cattle Company Inc.

The Dickinson Cattle Company is located on the Drovers Trail Scenic Byway on State Route 800 in Belmont County, OH. Dickinson ranch has more registered Longhorn cattle than any other in the eastern part of the US. Known for compassionate care of their beautiful cattle they have bus tours to the pastures and allow people to get up close enough to give treats to the animals. Darol and Linda Dickinson and family operate this large cattle operation. It is obvious that there is much love and attention given to their animals as you can see from this link.


Simpson Family Websites

Randy Simpson
Company: Randy's Wrestling Site

David Simpson
Company: .com Solutions Inc.
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Randy's Wrestling Site




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