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Guess they were getting my vibes as Erb Electric came out and dug a hole in my field.

That would be for the pole near the tanks. They got a cell phone call from someone and filled in the hole and left.

Another issue has occurred. The downstairs bathroom door will not close enough to fasten from the inside. Also, more insulation came down along with more plaster in the upstairs bedroom above the kitchen. I also noticed additional hairline cracks in several of the other rooms. This seems to have been another episode of subsidence in the direct area of the buildings as the wood and coal house seems to be more twisted and siding on the north side is bulging out. One of the little square original wavy glass windows (original 1863) popped right out of its frame and fell on the frozen ground and broke.

Floyd Simpson


Dr. Jeff Reichwein stopped in for a visit. He said there was no news on the fate of the artifacts taken from the site before mining. He had been in a meeting with Steven Avdakov and the SHPO office. They wanted a revision on the restoration plan to include the drainage around the house. This will be done and submitted for final approval by SHPO. Steven A. had sent me an email that he had been down with the flu and had missed getting back with me with the restoration people who will submit a bid.

Floyd Simpson


Steven Avdakov of Heritage Architectural came today. We discussed the bid process about the building complex restoration. He also took note of the additional subsidence damage to the wood and coal house. He took pictures and wrote up a report in his notes.

Floyd Simpson


Mr. Tom Pulay (ODNR-DMR field man) came out at my request to look at the wood and coal house, new damage to the barn and milkhouse floors and the slips at the stock tank. He has indicated this is all longwall mine damage.

He also observed the markers placed last winter for the electric poles that were never put in. We are well past freezing now but this will have to be done before next winter.

Floyd Simpson

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