Longwall Effects  

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James Kinney Farmstead summer kitchen and main house longwall mining damage pictures.

Diary Entry:

Dr. Jeff Reichwein, Ph D state archaeologist, Mr. Kevin Ricks, ODNR DMR field man came to take a tour of the damage to the structures. They took many pictures and observed the damage which has been much more severe than the coal company had predicted. Dr. Reichwein took great interest in how the trenching was done around the house, summer kitchen and barn. He was supposed to be notified when the contracted archaeologists were here for the survey and later for the trenching. He said the contractor employed was not registered with the state prior to doing the work. He was dismayed at the process used by them and the fact that he was not told when the digging was to be going on. He said the artifacts found were not itemized and did not enter the early 19th Century china pieces into the list. These items were found within 50 feet of the original log house built here in the late 1700's. I have not been privileged to see the results of these coal company assigned archaeologists findings nor has Dr. Reichwein seen them. The results of the "dig" or the Phase 2 investigation were to be sent to Dr. Reichwein and then the SHPO office. They were to make an evaluation of the work to see if the trenching would be permitted. Their report was to go to the chief of DMR before mining. This report (not complete) was sent but arrived after mining had caused damage to the James Kinney Farmstead building complex. It seems that David Bartsch of OVCC had gone on vacation before sending it. I also pointed out to them that not all of the features listed on the National Register were included on the mitigation plan. Dr. Reichwein explained the legality to me that ALL of the features including the part of the farmstead mined under last June are considered the JAMES KINNEY FARMSTEAD as it is part of the 57 acre tract reserved for special protection of Section 106 of the Department of the Interior. Channel 9 ran a special call in poll. They asked "should longwall mining be done under historic properties?" The results were 82 % said no and 12% misguided souls voted yes.

Floyd Simpson

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