Longwall Effects  

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Troy Megli and I moved a lot of stuff from the barn back into the milkhouse now that the floor is finished. Jon Smith is plastering the downstairs NE parlor room. Martin has started to brick in the 4 inch pipe around the radon exit tube in the fireplace mentioned before Christmas in this article. It is starting to look just as it was when James Kinney first saw it in 1863. I am really glad for these real, honest to goodness preservation people who are so very sensitive to the history of this house. I can just imagine some run of the mill contractor trying to do this delicate restoration work. The potato bin was re-assembled back in the space below the basement steps and I started to put my cannas back in it.
The Radon is still at 4.1 pCi/L by monitor test this morning.

Floyd Simpson

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