Longwall Effects  

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Water in the cattle stock tank was frozen so deep the cattle could not break the ice this morning. I called OVCC and got a recording, called ODNR – DMR and got a recording. I left frantic messages for both. I then called the coal company’s plumber and they sent out a crew to break the ice. It was in the single digits last night and not much warmer all day. The guys from the plumbers got it going for the cattle to get a drink. When I got back over to the pasture to feed hay I noticed that water was available. Erb Electric‘s man called to get the pole number of our electric service provider (AEP) so they could get the system in place to run wires over the highway and get a pole set near the cattle water tanks. Erb can get the wiring done when this is accomplished. Ohio Valley Coal Company was informed by me over a year and a half ago that this would be needed and they put it on the back burner until we are getting freezing weather and cattle have no water.

Floyd Simpson

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