Longwall Effects  

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Installation of new temporary water supply for the James Kinney Farmstead main house, showing the filters and UV light in the basement. This water supply will replace the water supply from the dug well below the main barn which is expected to be lost after mining has been completed. This hand dug well has supplied water to the James Kinney Farmstead for over 200 years (since approximately 1795).

Diary Entry:

5 men from Hughes Co. came by 7:00 AM
David Bartsch (OVCC) came at 10:00 AM He said he came late as his mother was in the hospital after a shoulder injury. Tom Pulay, ODNR, came and took measurements and pictures of the trenches west of house, Kurt Leahey came also to do sketching of the last of the inside of the main house. He will work on the main barn next. Kurt Stuffs (QES) Quality Environmental Services, came with his boss Fred Blackman to learn how to adjust tension on the cables. Pulay, Stuffs, Blackman and I watched Hughes job superintendent adjusted cables on the east side of the summer kitchen, I took their picture which will be included on the web page. The Times Leader editor, Betty Pokas, called to clarify with me an item about her reporters article for tomorrows paper (no, we did not have the Drovers' Trail Festival in 2003).

Floyd Simpson

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