Longwall Effects  

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James Kinney Farmstead summer kitchen and main house pre-mining preparations including trenching, bracing and cable set-ups.

Diary Entry:

Hughes crew putting on black, flexible plastic downspouts after taking off the white pipes and laying them out in the yard. These look like large worms coming down from the roof gutters at both ends of the front of the house. All this activity around the house has made it hard for my little company, OVAS, INC. to get out a nice order to NASCO in Wisconsin. Jim Mellott (plumbing contractor for OVCC) came to look at basement to see what it would take to get the house supplied with water from a tank as mining will likely take all the well water. They will supply a tank in the front yard that holds 2,000 gallons of drinking water for a temporary supply and cut into my line from the good well from the barn and tie into the tank. Hughes men are now able to dig the trench west of the house deeper, through the stone to get it down to 14feet to meet the specs. This activity by big equipment so close to my dogs house is driving her crazy, Heidi got hoarse from barking at them so much and they were piling dirt right up to her house. I had to move her to the barn for safety.It seemed like a good move but she got into Kurts sketch material and actually tore up one of his CD's. I did not know he had left any of his material in the barn. He was sketching the barns internal timber frame structure. This main barn was built in 1874 and is very sound and is structurally nearly as perfect as it was in the year it was built.

Floyd Simpson

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