Longwall Effects  

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Troy and I got the dinner bell mounted on a new “treated post” which is a discarded electric or telephone pole some one had given me. Unfortunately we broke the cast iron arm that the rope is attached to while hoisting it up with the tractor front end loader.

When I checked the Radon monitor this morning at 7:30 it was 59.4pCi/L, then 60.6pCi/L as we were taking it out of the pipe then it clicked on 61.4 pCi/L at 9:25 AM when I removed it and shut it off to move it to the SW basement room where the original tests were done by Kiddee in Carrollton, TX. It will take 48 hours to get the first reading at that location. Hopefully it will show that the tubes in the sub floor are taking the radon out of this room. All of this proves beyond a doubt that Radon has been a problem after longwall mining. Since Radon is a radioactive gas it is able to move more freely up through the cracks caused by longwall mining, ending up, unfortunately, in many folks basements. Bet most of them do not have a clue this is happening. According to EPA literature Radon is second only to smoking as a cause of lung cancer in the USA.

Keystone men are pointing bricks on the house and summer kitchen today, nice weather for it.

Floyd Simpson

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