Longwall Effects  

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I had removed the radon monitor device from the upstairs parlor room and put it into the end of the radon tube that was taped over. That tube will be connected to a vertical tube that will go up from the basement through the unused chimney on the SE side of the house. I taped the tube around the device at 9:00 last night, this morning it was going crazy! It had gone to 10.1 by 9 this eve. Remember this device only averages the Radon for the previous 48 hours or it can be toggled to give a 7 day average. It has an audible siren that goes off every hour.

Friday was not a working day for the restoration crew.

Floyd Simpson


At 7:20 AM Radon was 20.0 at 9:30 AM it was 21.1, at 1:15 it was 22.5

At 3:15 PM it went to 23.5 at 8:15 PM it was 24.1 and 9 PM at 28.5 and 9:15 at 29.4

This escalating reading is evidence of the effectiveness of the radon collection tubes under the basement floor that connect to this exit tube. WOW.

Floyd Simpson


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