Longwall Effects  

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Pearl Harbor Day. Radon was 1.8 upstairs in the NW parlor room.

Cement was poured today in basement hall, section under the furnace and NW and SW rooms.

The job took 9 hours; the Allegheny crew was a really tired bunch come evening! Somehow the cement contractor must have put in a cement hardening retardant is why it took so long to harden. It looks very,very good. It will be great to get some of the stuff moved back in place after it hardens as there is hardly any room to turn around in the basement, two freezers, washer, dryer, fuel tanks, wall shelving, and especially my cannas need to get back into the “potato bin” that they need to be stored in for the winter. It has been cold outside, snow showers and 18 degrees. The camper I am living in is using a tank of propane a day now.

Floyd Simpson


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