Longwall Effects  

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Radon still at 1.8 Cement truck came at 10:00AM. Everyone of the crew was involved in getting it placed in the milkhouse, hall basement and furnace room and trench in the wash room. The coal company sent a man and his wife out to place straw bales around the camper to make a skirting that will help protect the pipes from freezing weather which is predicted for this coming weekend. It has been very nice lately, like in the 60’s every day this week. We will pay for that I am sure when real winter comes.

Barry who got the post plastering contract to paint the interior came today to leave off some paint chips to look at. Steve A., Claude Luke and Jon had a meeting to check the progress. Steve took pictures of the brick work that had been completed. We discussed the Radon tube placement from the basement to the chimney.

Floyd Simpson


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