Longwall Effects  

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My house is a mess! Dust is everywhere, they were using a carbide saw to cut through the one good concrete floor I had left in the basement. They had to cut a diagonal trench across the floor to put in the 4 inch perforated plastic pipe that would drain away the Radon. In the process they got a coating of concrete dust on everything stored in that one room as all the other rooms were vacated to this one so they could tear out the old longwall cracked concrete floors. I manufacture a small agricultural tool called the Tag Sav R and they got dust on all of the parts, drill press, clean new lower jaw assembly which cost about $800. I suppose most of it can be cleaned but what a mess. I wish they had told me they were going to do it and I could have had someone move the parts and equipment used to make the tools. I can only hope that I do not get a big order for Tag Sav R’s before they get everything cleaned up and put back. The new concrete will be poured on Wed. next week. They got the plastic pipe into the SW room, hall and part of the furnace room today. They will pour it first then when it is cured they will tear out the remaining floor in the hall and furnace room and pour it last.

Floyd Simpson


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