Longwall Effects  



Longwall mining damage image of James Kinney Farmstead. This image shows Shirley Simpson Dave Clark and Tom Pulay ODNR-DMR inspecting a large longwall mining subsidence crack in the pasture along Harts road. This part of the pasture has been fenced to prevent cows from falling into the subsidence crack.

The ODNR-DMR representatives agreed that the 160 foot by 6 inch crack was from longwall mining and resulted from a cave in of the gate between two panels. One panel went through Christmas 2003 and the one tht went next to it in July 2004. The gate road is an underground road which is built between longwall panels for the transfer of coal, men and equipment during the mining process. This is the kind of proposed gate road described in OVCC's testimony for Dysart Woods that “would never cave in”. Two of these have caved in under Country Mile Farm property in the last year.


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