Longwall Effects  

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Radon meter was up to 2.2 today. Since this is an accumulated reading of the last 48 hours that means there was a spike upward during that period.

Today the basement stones were all placed back to a position by Sileo, the stone mason. My eye tells me it off by about 2 inches. He said he was guided by the “shadow” and that he could see a little difference in the foundation stone color behind it. I still have the wrought iron top bar that fit into a notch before but it is now two inches too short. I don’t think that old iron bar shrunk any! No big deal, however as I will get a new, longer bar for the top of the doors to rest on and now the passageway will be a little wider and that is not a bad thing. I do like the job Silveo did as it is very professional with each stone placed back into its correct place in the wall and the top (BIG STONE!) was hoisted on top and is level. Quite an improvement.

The brick masons finished the outside brick replacement of the house and summer kitchen today the ARC guys put the back porch stones back into their correct place today an they did a great job of leveling and placement. It had been unhandy to go in or out of the house while all the trenching was going on and these heavy step stones were stored out in the yard. Some of the guys will work tomorrow even though it is a Friday and they usually do not work that day.

Floyd Simpson


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