Longwall Effects  

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Bricks have been marked for removal and 18 were found in the NE parlor room alone. Outside work is going well. They have trenched around much of the house foundation and are laying perforated plastic pipe to drain water away from the house. It is a muddy process to say the least. They got it all connected today and are starting to backfill. The pipe ends down over the hill past the south side of the barn. Jamie Vosvic is the archaeologist in charge and has done a lot of collecting. His eyesight is fantastic. He saw an object in a track hoe bucket of dirt and stopped Derrick to look, it was a little toy truck with the cement mixer part missing. In the next bucketful of dirt he say the missing part. What eyesight! It is a small “mathchbox” type truck but made in England. It is being added to the collection of artifacts he has found and tagged. These will be returned to me when he has identified each one and written up a report. I will get a copy of the report some weeks after the return of the artifacts..

Floyd Simpson


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