Longwall Effects  

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Mr. Dalton gave me a very comprehensive folder of recommended plans for restoration of the Wood and Coal House. My neighbors, Neil and Elda Rubel have now been undermined. They have told me their most valued natural water supply is now drying up. Mellott Plumbing has started a “sump pump” installation in the basement of the James Kinney house. They are digging through what is left of the concrete floors in two rooms and putting in a plastic sump with automatic pumps to take water out through pipes to the 4 inch drain in the wash room. They got most of the one installed in the SW basement room.

Floyd Simpson

(Pictures taken 3/3/2005)


Mr. Luke came at 9:00 AM and got a copy of the proposal. At 9:30 AM plumbers came to finish the sump pumps in the basement.

Floyd Simpson

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