Longwall Effects  

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Mr. Bartsch and Mr. Maness came out to document and put a plan to “stabilize” the historic Wood and Coal house. Putting off any major repairs until spring. I gave an OK to put up a brace system of timbers from the outside to keep the building from caving in just in case we get a lot of snow load. I want to have a part in selection of contractor(s) to do major work and I want to see the total plan before anyone does anything permanent. I discussed the flooded basement problem with Bartsch concerning the trench and how it was not drained out when the mitigation trench was dug. He agreed with me that the trench would have to be dug out again and a drain put into it. We also agreed that this could not be done at this time of year but will wait for better weather.

Floyd Simpson

1/21/2005 - 1/22/2005

We just had a major winter storm these past two days but we were more fortunate than those just north and east of us that really got even more snow. But the old house is nearly impossible to heat in the winter now that the ceiling plaster and associated insulation above it has fallen in. Since the house has a major heat loss up through the hall ceiling right to the attic which is not insulated or even protected since two step cracks are at each end of the house in the attic it makes for an impossible heating situation. I am cold a lot of the time, even though I put in a new furnace that is rated at 200,000 BTU (more that normal for this kind of house) last year before mining. I find myself using electric heaters in each room I am in, like my office, bedroom, bathrooms, even the kitchen. Wearing a winter coat in the house is a must. OVCC said they would pay for half a tank of fuel oil for the furnace. Well, that will not even touch my expense of staying in my home. I understand that I could go to a motel and charge it to the coal company. If I did it would have to be about 14 rooms to give me the living space I would be giving up here. Go figure the comparison of 14 rooms at the Holiday Inn vs fuel oil for this place. Yes, OVCC will get the whole bill for fuel oil and I will pay for the higher electric bill.

Floyd Simpson

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