Longwall Effects  

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James Kinney Farmstead main house longwall mining damage pictures.

Diary Entry:

Pendulums upstairs still on "start" position. NE Living Room was same as last 3 days as it has moved to NE past the "start". Same for NW living room. SW basement room not back to starting position but is getting close to "start". SE Basement is past "start" and a little north. Obviously the house is on a twist. Got call from Scott Beveridge, Observer Reporter in Pennsylvania who interviewed me. More plaster came down today, some damage was done to the original hand painted baseboard woodwork when plaster came down in the south hall. Dan Scott came to look at the furnace. It is OK for now but he will come back this weekend to put straps on the pipes. He was concerned about the movement of the concrete floor under the furnace.

Floyd Simpson


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