Longwall Effects  

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Diary of Longwall Mining Damage 2008

Severe damage continues to occur to our farmland, buildings and water supply as a result of mining by the Ohio Valley Coal Company.


The delays on the part of The Ohio Valley Coal Company continue!! We believe their continued failure to provide a plan to restore or replace the home, located at 44480 Bel-Cent Road, is evidenced by their attorneys’ motions to the court, furthering delays, on behalf of TOVCC’s owner, Bob Murray. In our opinion a complete verifiable plan to restore or replace the structure is the simple resolution to the issue. We, the owners, despite a longer time frame, have agreed to that sequence of events which would address the problems, according to the laws and the terms of permit #D-0360. We expected TOVCC to jump at the chance to prove us wrong with a new bid process, but instead they continue, through their lawyers, to drag their feet rather than resolving this serious damage. Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps they think this issue will disappear if the elderly resident dies. In fact it will continue, and the longer they drag it out the more expense will be involved, and the more serious it becomes. We understand that it is verboten for landowners to ask “How are your contractor’s plans to make repairs to the structure going to restore it to pre-mining condition?” Perhaps the court will define the restoration process for everyone’s benefit. Questions, by any owners, concerning the type of repair, and the lack of commitment to a structural engineer’s recommendations, will likely result in the numerous delays that we are experiencing!! Is this really a “Good Neighbor Policy” by TOVCCO?

Shirley Simpson





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